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City of Port Washington, Wisconsin

City of Port Washington Employee Email

Name Title/Department Contact
Becker, Marty Port Washington Mayor Email
Brown, Anthony City Administrator Email
Buehler, Dan Wastewater Utility Supervisor Email
Carson, Tom Library Director Email
Cherny, Dennis Harbor Master Email
Clark, Jennifer Treasurer Email
Crain, Jon Superintendent of Parks, Forestry & Landscape Email
Davel, Michael Police Captain Email
Duffrin, Leo Water Utility Superintendent Email
Haley, Robin Water/Sewer Utility Billing
Harris, Bob Planning & Development Director Email
Hingiss, Kevin Police Chief Email
Hoile, James Street Commissioner Email
Hughes, Kelsey Deputy City Clerk Email
Kiener, Catherine Senior Center Director Email
Klieve, Charlotte Finance Department Accounts Payable Email
Klumb, Judy Engineering & Planning Asst., DPW Refuse & Recycling Asst. Email
Kroeger, Ross Engineering Technician Email
Mitchell, Mark Fire Chief Email
Nelson, Stacie Water Utility Supervisor, Administrative Asst. to City Treasurer and City Clerk Email
Peterson, Gary Building Inspector Email
Quentin, Mary Inspection Department Assistant Email
Schulte, Kiley Recreation Director Email
Vanden Noven, Rob City Engineer, Department of Public Works Email
Westerbeke, Susan City Clerk Email
City of Port Washington, Wisconsin Official You Tube Channel