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City of Port Washington, Wisconsin

City of Port Washington Department of Planning & Development

The Department of Planning and Development assists the Mayor and Common Council in the development and implementation of public policy relative to the future growth and redevelopment of the city. Staff provides support to the Plan Commission and makes recommendations on proposed plans and projects. The Department also conducts studies and prepares reports on topics related to the economic, social, and physical development of the City.

The information on this page is made available to provide up-to-date information about our Department. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Click here to view the Comprehensive Land Use Plan: 2035 Map Amendment.

South Bluff Development Proposal

Prairie's Edge

Pier Street Redevelopment

At its May, 2016 meeting, the Plan Commission reviewed plans for the redevelopment of the 300 block of E. Pier Street. Both plans received approval by the Commission. One plan presented by Engberg Anderson Architects is for a 44-unit, 4-story apartment building that would be constructed on the site of the former Victor´┐Żs property and the municipal boat trailer parking lot. The project is valued at $5.8M. View the plans here. The other plan presented by Stephen Perry Smith Architects is a three level, 11-unit owner-occupied townhouse condominium project located only on the municipal boat trailer parking lot. This project is valued at $4.3M. View the plans here. The Common Council review both plans and decide on which project and developer to work with.

Contact Us

Department of Planning & Development
100 W. Grand Ave., P.O. Box 307
Port Washington, WI 53074

Director of Planning and Development
Bob Harris

Administrative Assistant
Judy Klumb

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08-17-15 The Blues Factory Proposal

08-17-15 The Blues Factory Proposal FAQs

02-19-14 Downtown Parking Supply & Demand Analysis

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